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How to win at roulette? Tip number 1.

There are a lot of ways to play roulette, but not all of them are effective enough. It's necessary to determine the correct tactics and strategy of the game. Establish "bar" of a possible loss, the limits of which you should not go under any circumstances.

So, now a little bit about strategy. Of course, we all know very famous Hook's method, or as it also called the Jeeves method. It's extremely simple. To Gambler

You need to put on a red color before it falls out at the same time doubling the amount of the bet each time, and if the desired color is lost - start betting on the black also constantly doubling the bet if the red color drops out. Example:

So, play smart!

Put 1 dollar for the red color,

dropped out - black,

put 2 dollars for the red color,

fell out - red color,

winning = 1 dollar,

put 1 on black,


Important! In the case you getting zero, you need to double the bet and put on the opposite color, that is, if you previously bet one dollar for black, then two dollars should be put in black.

It would seem that it's quite effective, but sometimes the same color falls too many times, and your finances not a millions. Therefore, in order to have enough of your deposit, and faith and hope for gambling earnings are not lost, the initial bet must be made equal to ten cents (many virtual casinos allow it to be done in the training mode of the game for real money).

But with this initial rate there is no big gain to wait, unfortunately. Let's improve our method and begin to put not only on the color, but also on one of the two halves of the playing field, as well as on the even-odd value of the falling figure, adhering to the same principle of doubling bet in case of a loss.

So, profit from our rates has already reached thirty cents. Now try to manipulate two-thirds of the playing field. The point is that you should put on two of the three field parts, but you must remember that if you loss, bet on each of the parts is not doubled,it's tripled.

Now you really get an unearthly pleasure from this event and will be able to multiply your budget. Remember, playing in a casino is not only a source of additional earnings, but also a wonderful pastime, the opportunity to communicate with other players and getting the adrenaline that sometimes we lack in gray everyday life. With such knowledge, you will no longer be "scared" by advertising of casino.

How to win at roulette? Tip number 2.

In every casino the most popular machine is roulette. In online casino versions, roulette controlled by probability theory and random number generator. Computer program produces random number order, without any benefit algorithm. This suggests that it can be calculated from the probability formulas and predicted.


roulette for gambler win


The system is built on logical laws. Often one or more numbers may don't fall out for a very long time. For example, the first numbers that pop up in memory - 1, 5 or 44. No difference. Let's talk about dozens, they change periodically. The first dozen consists of numbers from 1 to 12.

The second dozen are numbers from 13 to 24, the third dozen is composed of numbers from 25 to 36. Your winnings on one dozen are 1 to 3 on mathematical expectation. So, with a bet of $ 30 per dozen, you will take $ 90 if you win The focus is the following. Calculate a dozen, which has not fallen out, at least a couple of times. Let there be a third dozen.

Put $ 2 on a dozen, which did't fall out any longer. In your example, this is the third dozen. If this dozen did not come, then put $ 6 for the same dozen. If you win, you get $ 6, because 1 to 3. If you lose,put $ 6. In case of winning, you will return your bets and earn 1 to 3. If you lose again, then put $ 12, because a dozen has not fallen out yet. If not dropped, then put $ 24. Suppose, again, no luck, but in this system such bad luck is considered just luck.

Most often, at this stage, a dozen should already fall out. You will win all your previous bets, and the profit will be $ 48! Otherwise, you have more benefits, because the more you can deliver, following this system, the greater the monetary value will be the gain. So, now safely bet $ 48. Deposit $ 48, then $ 96. Regardless of the result, make $ 192. Finally a happy dozen falls out. You will return all your bets made beforehand and win almost two hundred dollars.

What if the bet did not fall out? Of course, to play further. You can not stop at this stage. Before victory there was a step. Put $ 384. Put $ 800. But up to ten steps you will hardly reach, because a dozen will fall earlier. Remember: more bet,greater result.

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