How to have a self-care Sunday

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How to have a self-care Sunday: Self-care Sunday is the day to set time aside for yourself before the official start of the week. We work six days a week, so the concept of deviating from routine is essential. Self-care means dedicating one full day of the week to self-care in any way. Sunday is the day when we already feel relaxed, so it is the best time to accomplish this because you have more free time that day than usual.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Self-care Sunday routine to get you centered for the week.

You can give the best gift to yourself by self-caring. When you take responsibility for taking care of yourself you will find that you will often feel happier and more productive than before. This habit will help you in the challenging days of your life. Self-care Sunday helps to cure yourself and your mental health. Here are some tips


  1. Wake up at a leisurely pace and make yourself a healthy breakfast.
  2. Take some time to engage in a relaxing activity, such as yoga, meditation, or reading.
  3. Spend some time outdoors, whether that be going for a walk, bike ride, or hike.
  4. Treat yourself to a spa day, whether that be a bubble bath, face mask, or manicure.
    • Make a delicious and nourishing dinner, and enjoy it with friends or loved ones.
  5. Take some time to reflect on the past week and set intentions for the coming week.
  6. Spend some time doing something you enjoy, whether that be watching a movie, playing a video game, or working on a hobby.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

When do you have to wake up on Sunday?

If you ask the world they will say wake up at a leisurely pace and make yourself a healthy breakfast. Here I need to put one thought which I practiced uptill now. I get up at the usual time every day. As morning time is the best time to talk ourself. You can feel various things like morning peace and bliss.

Close your eyes and ask yourself today no hurry no worry like every day I have! Can I live this free moment? Remain in that moment fully for some time. Talk yourself elevated self-talk. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy it alone. It is my request to you that please do it. Let me know your experience. As we are our best friends.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Sunday breakfast ideas, for making your Sunday special

No matter who you are? Whether a male or female. No matter what post you have in society. But if you understand and learn to enjoy such moments. You can be your best friend and self-caretaker.

Sunday for the relaxing exercising activities

The whole week six days we work a lot. Of course, we exercise regularly but that is not enough. Sunday we have enough time for our everyday journey and daily routine time saved. You can make use of this time with many exercises.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Meditation is one of the best options on a Sunday morning

One may ask, “What exactly we can do on Sunday?” Yes, wait, that is what I am going to tell you here. Some organizations organize only Sunday sessions of meditation or yoga. You can join that in the morning. With that activity heal your mind as well as your body. If you feel relaxed with it you wait for that day and time to come.

Reading is one of the ways to make our thought perfect with the best literature. Religious books are the best option for that. You can start reading religious books, gain that spiritual knowledge and practice spirituality on Sunday and slowly in your all days of life.

Spending time outdoors is also one of the best options

Sunday we can do something different or casual on this day. In the morning you can go on foot and talk a walk in your garden or the nearby garden. Walking alone like this gives a pleasure. This experience you should have taken it. Feel barefoot walking and feel soft dew grass.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Benefits of walking barefoot on the grass to improve your health

You can take a bike ride. The bike ride with the low speed and feeling of air cutting to your whole body. Experience how you cut the air and that air how to soothe your mind and soul as you do not have to hurry or worry to reach anywhere in time.

In the morning you can visit the temple or church or any other religion and feel the pure and peaceful vibration of that place. The pure elevated vibration of that place gives you an eternal feeling of peace and bliss. It energizes you quickly and makes you feel such rest of the days of the week.

Care yourself, especially Sundays more

We all used to take baths and wear nice dressed with quite light make-up. Sunday is the day when you can do something different. Have thought sometimes that bathing is also fun and we never enjoy that. Every day we take bath as an essential task but never enjoy it. Just think with me Sunday when no hurry, not have to perform the task on time, give yourself time and take a bath very peacefully and enjoy it with yourself.

You can also go to the spa and take a spa treat to yourself. You can enjoy the spa with a different theme with different fragrances. This is also possible on Sunday sometimes.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Relax in a beauty saloon with a massage

Beauty care saloons are one of the best options you can take a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, or any other hair massage to relax and create a glow on your face and energy within your body. This will give you more confidence throughout the week.

Give a treat to yourself delicious food in the company

Every day we have a fixed schedule of lunch and dinner. We used to cook and have routine food. Even if we wish to have delicious food but due to lack of time we may time avoid it. Sunday we used to be in a relaxed mood. You can prepare delicious tasty food. Enjoy it.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Calculate how much money you saved and what you gain

You can plan for it within a week. You can invite your family loved ones or friends. You can cook together. Sit with each other company and enjoy food in a relaxed and joyful mood. This kind of gathering you can have on Sunday. These meetings and eating give you energy and strength of togetherness with your loved one’s family and friends.

COVID taught us the importance of people and our family and friends. That time we were dying to go out, to meet all our people. Now everything is normal throughout the world. Let’s enjoy this free outside environment by spending Sunday with such small gatherings with different people always.

The most important you have to do is schedule your next week

This is a major part of the day. On a Sunday evening, this is my own experience: we feel too irritated to go back to work. We do not wish to go the next day. Did I ask myself why Monday again?

How to have a self-care Sunday
It is better to plan to set the perfect mindset for the work.

To avoid this you need to prepare your mind. For that planning is very important. You have to plan for everything. Make a list of work. Most important work. Secondary work and less important work. Plan what type of clothes jewelry makeup shoes you need in the week. According to work, you plan. Make a list of important meetings like visit to the doctor for yourself or your parents. Attending school for parent meetings etc.

Pen down all these on paper. Stick this at the corner of your home where it can easily be visible. Set reminders on your phone or use any gadget like any particular app to do all the work in time and avoid confusion. This is one of the ways to self-care Sunday.

Sunday to relax with different activities

Sunday is the day when we can do different activities and spend time in it very blissfully and peacefully. It is said that the activities which you live you never tired to do that.

Find out what you like. Which kind of work gives you pleasure other than routine? You can do gardening, drawing, singing, or any musical instrument playing. Some like cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

How to have a self-care Sunday
Sunday activities for kids to keep them fit and active

Those who used to sit in front of a screen can learn and experience the things they like. Like photography effects, making videos, reading books, or writing what you like maybe poems, rhymes, stories, or anything you like. Writing clears your all emotions from your mind.

Some like eating, sewing, crafting, drawing, painting on walls or clothes, or grocery any thing hobbies you can give time to it on Sunday. All such activities you can add on Sunday make your day more self-care for you.

Sunday starts form relax sleep and has to end with a good night’s sleep

The whole day we are always busy with various activities. We try to gather all the things and are well organized on a Sunday. Keep in mind that even if relax day you feel tired as you are always busy with work other than routine.

At the end of the day, you should feel eternally blissful and peaceful. On Sunday do such that at the end of the day you might feel yes, your day has a lot of worth. With your all activities, you give comfort place joy relax in the life of others may be who is near and who may be far away from you.

At the end of the day, you should have an attitude of gratitude with you. You should be thankful for all that you achieved and for such a wonderful day Sunday. Sleep well give up all the worry and prepare yourself for the next day.


Everyone has different feelings for this sweet day Sunday. Sunday can be more interesting when you learn to add more value to other’s life. Remember as you will give it out it will return it to you. So being happy is good but creat a broad smile is also fantastic, isn’t it? I am waiting to your comments and tell me more about your Sundays.

How to have a self-care Sunday?

In these busy (and, let’s face it, crazy) times, it’s easy to fall prey to burnout. Taking a few moments or a few hours on Sundays to recharge, recalibrate and renew yourself is important. When you’re running on fumes, you’re more likely to be in a bad mood, less likely to take care of yourself, and more susceptible to getting sick. 

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