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Have you done a good thing and spent the best time in the morning to make your life meaningful?

The most important question is: at what time should we get up? Why?

HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MORNINGS : Here is the answer: as per Ayurveda, the best tune to wake up to is Brahmamuhurta. Brahma muhurta is an auspicious period of 48 minutes that begins 1 hour, 36 minutes before sunrise, and ends 48 minutes before. If you wish to attain wisdom ( by meditation & introspection), improve memory & concentration(for students), improve mental health ( as the environment is calm and serene), to improve working efficiency (by strengthening your mental focus and concentration) you should get up at Brahma murhartha. As it is the best time one should meditate and connect to that supreme power called God.

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Change your schedule and limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle. As the sleep foundation suggested

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Benjamin Franklin

For their mental and physical health, adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep. and they must get this sleep night after night.

One of the best ways to promote consistent sleep is having a healthy sleep routine. By following a standard schedule and healthy sleep habits, the mind and body become accustomed to a routine that includes plenty of high-quality sleep.

Breakfast to boost our day

“Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and provides fuel for your body and brain,” says Lena Beal, M.S., RD, LD, a therapeutic dietitian at Piedmont’s Fuqua Heart Center. Besides nutritional value, research has shown a positive link between breakfast and mental alertness, and physical performance.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; choose from homemade waffles, granola, corned beef hash, pancakes, omelets, or cinnamon buns. But here’s the deal. For breakfast m we break us overnight fast, and for many people, breaking fast doesn’t have to happen first thing in the morning. That’s right, folks: breakfast does NOT have to happen first thing in the morning. If you are not hungry when you wake up, that is normal, and you do not need to eat. That old myth about “revving up your metabolism” with food first thing was largely created by breakfast cereal manufacturers.

You need to plan your day the night before. For that some tips

Set an alarm to tell you it’s time to plan. You can set it to 30 minutes before you sleep or whatever works for you. Put your notebook or your planner somewhere you can see it before you go to bed. For example, you can place it next to your bed or somewhere visible to you. Make planning part of your evening ritual.

Here you need to do planning

  • Write a list of things that you need to get done the next day. You can even talk and text it into your phone notes app. Just say the words, and voila… there’s your list! Easy peasy!
  • Planning can be done anywhere.
  • Make time table
  • Having a morning routine continues
  • List five things that you will get done the next day.

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Exercise for ……

As we know several important of exercise as it controls weight, and combating health conditions and diseases. It also improves our mood which is very much important for emotional lift us up. It boosts energy. Regular physical activity can reduce your risk of developing type a2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which your Metabolic syndrome is some combination of too much fat around the waist, high blood pressure, low high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol, high triglycerides, or high blood sugar.

Daily exercise keeps your family fit

Functional exercises, explains Kimberly Watkins, a New York City-based fitness trainer and CEO of shape Fitness and in motion Exercise On Demand, serve to distribute blood flow to muscles, keep joints lubricated and promote pain-free movement in everyday life.

Mindfulness activity

You can practice meditation, yoga, or deep breathing to clear your mind and set a positive tone for the day. Mindfulness — an expansive term that refers most generally to the state of “being present” — includes the practice of tuning into our sensory experience with more presence, too. In other words, it allows us to listen to “the sound of one hand texting” as opposed to just hearing it.

Importance of mindfulness

What to avoid in the morning

You should avoid checking your phone or other electronic devices for the first hour after waking up. It helps you to distractions and helps you focus on the day ahead. It will keep you away from negative low-frequency vibrations. Checking your phone immediately after waking up may not be a good way to start your day because you’re being bombarded with new messages, emails, to-dos, and other things that trigger a feeling of stress and anxiety. This disrupts your chances of starting your day with a calm mind.

Way to wake up in the morning.

It would help if you took care of your self-care areas, Take a few minutes to do something that makes you feel good. You can enjoy yourself by taking shower. You can read a spiritual book, you can read any article which refreshes you.

You can start your day in a good mood and plan in your mind for the hobbies you like to do. You can think to spend time with your loved one. You can energies with yourself going in nature. Keep in mind that to schedule time for the things that bring you joy and fulfillment brings bliss and peace in life.

DO YOU KNOW WHICH IS THE BEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD IT IS GOD’S COMPANY? It is inside your eternal self you will meet definitely……..

Q. 1. When should we get up in the morning?

Ans. Ayurveda muhurta is about getting up in the morning Brahma muhurta is an auspicious period of 48 minutes that begins 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before it.

Q.2. Why should we sleep early?

Ans. Going to bed early and getting up early can enhance immunity and help fight colds and other viruses. It can also greatly reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Q. 3. What should we eat in the morning?

Ans. We should eat
1.  Eggs make a simple, nutritious breakfast choice. …
2. Greek yogurt is a great option if you’re looking for a quick breakfast. …
3. Coffee Aside from water, coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. …
4. Oatmeal Oatmeal is a classic breakfast option — and it’s nutritious to boot. …
5. Chia seeds …

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