Mrs. Shaila Prakash Hajare

Hello and welcome

Mrs. Shaila Prakash Hajare

I’m Shaila

I’m a teacher, mentor, and counselor. I have experience teaching for the last 32 years at the personal level. I worked as a lecturer in senior college for ten years & five years of experience in counseling.
My goal in life is to help all those who need help to organize various areas like life skills, stress, studies, etc. I wish my life experience may help the next journey of your life. Whatever I faced, I experienced and let it help others in a very positive way.
I’m here to help you

  • To help your positive mindset and peaceful thoughts in any life situation.
  • To create self-care and make your life in harmony with tips
  • Learn management skills in life with different thoughts and strategies which make your life meaningful where you really love it.

My Story
As I have undergone various situations and after covid 19 I faced too many changes in the lives of people. I also even if having too many skills but helpless in many areas. I have struggled a lot with my personality development.
I spend massive time in my life understanding people and managing personal as well as professional relations. One moment recently I got my voice. It told me repeatedly that my need is in various areas.
I got that all that past some days. We have three members team.

  1. Mr. Vishal Tarde
  2. Mr. Sujit
  3. Mrs. Shaila Prakash Hajare

It may be God’s wish as we all three have the same intention to solve the problems. The world is having too many problems. We try to give solutions to your problem through our blogs. The other two members have motivated me a lot for writing a blog. I have ideas as I am in the teaching field. During covid period I learn various different skills which I had never known before. The study is going on. It will till the end.
As a mother of two children, teacher of many students, and a counselor I know well actual everyone’s needs. After all love and care are base of everyone’s life.
Our team is here to help you whenever needed.
You can feel to share here.

Who am I?
The answer is I am a pure soul who resides in this body. I am full of positivity and beautiful words. I like to listen to people. I used to give such solutions that are liked by everyone. I can talk with any one age and gender has not much matter.

I am a student of Brahma Kumari. World‘s Spiritual University at Mount Abu. Around 135 countries have centered it. Studying this study for the last six years. Now ready to heal the soul’s problem with the help of Supreme Soul the father of our all.