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You always feel life should proceed in an ABCD…… manner. It means it should be smooth, simple, and perfect. But the question is always why it shouldn’t be like that. Why has it always happened to me? These questions are always with me. Why is it okay to not have it all figured out?


Here you will know

  • Things that make you down,
  • Ways how to create your own sunshine
  • Ideas can be used in your life even if it is okay if things are not figured out well.

Every successful person’s interview or autobiography tells us their life path in a perfect way. All their approach when looked back seems to be perfect. But when I tried to count it out it was never to my expectations of mine.

It would be best if you remembered it always

As I thought more about myself, I have gone more and more confused. The storm of thoughts made me restless. It makes me think again and again about other sides of life. I was counting then I found that life is so beautiful no doubt my path and my journey are not matched with others but it has something special.

My journey my path was not so easy. I struggle with myself many times. I also wish to be all figured out in my life.

Things that make me down

What people will say

Expectations from parents4

As I try to do for them, I found myself very low when not stand up to their expectations.

The thought of hopelessness makes me depressed.

One day when I was reading a book and one thought touched me a lot, “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”. 

I follow the directions from that day

  • People will say something always we have to forget that
  • Life is in the present
  • Man proposes and life dispose
  • What is needed for you, you will get automatically

People will say something always we have to forget that

Your parents are always ready with your plans and your grandparents have different about your life. All compare you with your siblings or your friend and have many questions for you. They all look down on you if you have not fulfilled their expectations as they wish.

As if they have everything figured out and are masters of everything.

If you observed around you who has a high influence on you? Do you think they have figured out everything?

I can say with confidence as no one is the same. Everyone’s journey in life is different. Everyone is born in different circumstances. Everyone is unique. Everyone has something gifted by nature different special qualities which are very special.

Every individual looks different, their individual environment, their luck, and their assets with birth are different. Everyone has different with them. Not all are born with a golden spoon in their mouths then how to figure out all under the same parameters?

If you observe all around you, they always with this opinion that you should have to improve in your life quickly to get good results.

If you listen to all you always feel something lacking within yourself. You have to avoid listening to them with intentions. Just listen and forget what they are saying.

Do that what your voice is trying to tell you? What is saying your eternal voice? Listen to that and follow it. You will start appreciating and accepting yourself and the life you have.

All societies have deadlines to follow – as it sets by society only like when to marry, when to start driving ……etc. These deadlines set more and more expectations for us.

It is not wrong to pass school at 16 or a little late due to some unavoidable reasons. It is okay to marry at the age of forty. It doesn’t mean your marriage life will not be full of sweetness.

Why do we rush to figure things out?

Why do we rush to figure things out?

As per my opinion, every individual should mind their own business and three should have focused on their own lives instead of giving suggestions to all the society or their near and dear ones.

Best message for the life to be smooth and simple

Life is in the present

We always worried about the future or we feared of past if it would not be repeated again.

Always keep in mind life never was in the past or life will never be in the future. It is today. Whatever ever happening is today only. Live is full do not let your taste your life next time or the next day. Does no one know what will happen next? 

Live life in the present moment as who knows next?

One way to change my life is I have to do any task or work right now only. Divide your work into small pieces. Acquire good daily habits to do your work. The best rule to inculcate any habit is to try for continuous three days. Then continue it to seven days. Then extend it to twenty-one days. Finally, do it for forty days. It will become your permanent habit. You can call it three seven twenty-one- and forty-days rule for fixing any habit in your life. Do it and check the results. The results are amazing.

Man proposes and life dispose

Plan your work first. Manage time. Prepare a road map to do work. The focus should be clear to do any kind of your assignment.

We know well, all work should not be finished as we planned some loopholes always be there but if your focus on being the best every time has clear then everything will flow automatically.

Life never is as we plan it, even if you drew up a road map, use ICT technologies like word, excel spreadsheets, and use different planning mobile apps. You need to understand all this practice.

Here my meaning is not to plan anything. Rather the person having ready with planning has more chances to succeed than unplan person. But you must know that nothing is certain here.

Set your all goals long-term goals, short-term goals, daily goals, etc., knowing that the journey is unexpected many times. You do not have to worry about if all that has not been figured out well.

What is in your destiny, you will get it automatically

Everyone believes in destiny and fate and I always have trust that it never fails. Whatsoever in your destiny, you will get it. What is meant for you will go on that path searching for it.

The right time in life introduces all that you deserve. There may be many challenges to get your goal but those challenges were also there to teach you some lessons so that you can appreciate all the good that is lined up for you.

Everything happened for a reason. There is secrete nothing happened in this world without reason. We never know the planning of GOD. We may have good plans and he might be ready best for you in your life.

I hope these four principles of life may help you.

Still, the question is as it was,” why some people is successful in life and why not me?”

I need to point out your attention at this point.

We used to see the present and their success but we never saw their unsuccessful failure attempts.

How much risk they have taken for their life.

Their strong attempts to face the failures.

They trust themselves irrespective of what others said to them. They believe in destiny their fate.

The moment when they succeed they feel overwhelmed.

Used these ideas in your life and it is okay if things are not figured out well

  1. Do not blame yourself for the failure even if you fail after taking too much effort. Forget what people will say? What parents, siblings, and family friends will say?

Pat yourself with these kinds of words. It’s okay facing uncertainty isn’t easy. Uncertainty is a good thing that takes you out of your comfort zone. You are ready to face the world.

2. Try till you have will not satisfied with yourself well

Always we need to learn new to make our life more interesting. New tries increase the taste of life. Read books as sometimes books show the possibilities of your powers that can change a life.

The empty pocket and empty hands give real experiences of life. That will give you real teachings of life.

Try and share your pieces of knowledge with many around on different platforms.

3. At Last, but not the list, the idea or definition of success is different for all. No doubt if we failed in this world scene but we must have hope for the future. Many times, the answers we are looking for are always nearby. Circumstances will give you an answer. That time we used to thank our lord with eyes fielded with tears and raise hands to thank him. 

We here end with this conclusion no one has everything figured us 

  • Our journey in life is different than others.
  • Remember that you are not alone who faced all unwanted,
  • Everyone has questions about this mystery named life. Our whole life we are trying to solve it.
  • Life is really beautiful so it would sometimes look boring but we can have to figure out of it out.

1.    Why there is no unique method in everyone’s life?

Every individual is different. Everyone’s journey in life is different. Everyone carrying karmic accounts is different. Everyone’s loads of life are also different. It never matches each other so there is no unique method for life.

2.    How should we live our lives?

We should live our life freely without having worries with us. Life is really beautiful so it would sometimes look boring but we can have to figure out of it out.

3.     Life is in present. Do you really feel it?

Yes, life is in the present neither in past nor in the future. If we observed we are always lost in past memories or in future worries. If…not is a big stroma in many people’s minds. We need to come out of it. If our present is good, the future has an impact on the present. If the present is good definably our future will be best only.

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